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Provide Dining Facilities.

This project type is to prepare and serve food in a seated dining area. The seated dining area can also serve as a gathering place for group activities. It is intended to be similar to a college cafeteria facility in the private sector community.

Provide a complete and functional dining facility:

For feeding 1300 trainee soldiers per meal within 90 minutes, three times per day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year. Maximum gross area shall be 30,500 square feet. Dining area seating capacity shall be 544 seats.

For staffing is based on a 40-hour work week along with the menu, layout, equipment, feeding, feeding stations, serving lines and the mission of the organization it supports. The typical anticipated staffing for this size facility would be: total staff of 107 persons. The maximum staffing for a single shift would be 54 persons.

Provide site improvements necessary to support the new facilities. Approximate available area 2.74 acres

Owner: United States Army Corps of Engineers

Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Architect/Engineer: Brigadier Construction Services

Amount: $12,419,542

AIT Barracks Dining Facility

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri